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Cloud computing has become an integral part of organizations today because of the benefits it offers to the digitally connected world. Cloud computing has helped organizations in more than one way; from getting rid of the heavy hardware to up-scaling and down-scaling whenever required, resulting in considerable savings of the organizations. Cloud computing market has grown exponentially over the years and is expected to grow at an even faster pace.

  • One other reason behind the success of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers like, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Artificial Intelligence is like an iceberg, there is a lot hidden than what is visible. The true potential of AI is yet to come out.
  • Artificial Intelligence equips cloud computing with tremendous power. It enables machines to learn, think, act, and react like human beings.
  • AI helps machines to analyze and learn from the historical data, identify patterns and make real-time decisions.


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  • Behavioural test
  • Basic Computer skill test
  • Programming skill test
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing test


Realizing the importance of compatibility with the thousands of programs written in legacy code, IBM launched the AS/400 midrange computer line in 1988.Della Infotech join hands with AS400 to create softwares using RPG, assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, Java, EGL, Perl, Smalltalk, COBOL, SQL, BASIC, PHP, PL/I, Python.

The IBM System i includes an extensive library-based operating system, IBM i, and is also capable of supporting multiple instances of AIX, Linux, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. While IBM i, AIX, Linux and Lotus Domino are supported on the POWER processors, Windows is supported with either single-processor internal blade servers (IXS) or externally linked multiple-processor servers (IXA and iSCSI). iSCSI also provides support for attachment of IBM Bladecenters. Windows, Linux, and VMware ESX(VI3) are supported on iSCSI attached servers.